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Oil sludge and other sludges: ZANNI GROUP's modern combustion grate technology opens up opportunities and possibilities.

There is no question that oil pollutes the environment. But it is crazy to demonise this necessary product when there is a solution for every problem. Producers have also recognised this and started pushing for modern solutions.

One example is the problem of oil sludge. There are solutions available. Some of it can be recycled or the problem can be solved with a modern combustion plant. In this way, contaminated sites can be quickly removed and renaturation is possible, comparable to the renaturation of landfills and industrial sites from the 1990s onwards.

Of course, investments have to be made, but the will and the benefits are there. Where time is of the essence and danger prevention is a top priority, quick solutions are needed and now also available.

Until now, the incineration of oil sludge was a complex process. We have not only simplified this process, but also made it affordable. The modern combustion grate technology of the ZANNI GROUP opens up opportunities and possibilities, especially in sludge incineration.

We are talking to many people and know how strong the interest is in this possibility. Therefore, one should not only grumble, but also concede the opportunity to revise past mistakes. Take a closer look and observe how much corporate philosophies have changed. That is a great oportunity and it could be made proud all the people who are and been involved. It opens a window for a cleaner future.

Demanding change is one thing, giving it a chance is another. If you demand change, you demand opportunities. Their development must first be encouraged and supported.

We stand for clean solutions and find an environmentally friendly solution for every problem!

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