Transportable incinerators 

Transportable incinerators can be put anywhere into operation and has an excellent combustion capacity.

With latest burner and control technology combined with a flue gas cleaning system this kind of plants are able to meet the highest environmental standards.

Key figures

Multipurpose incinerator for solids and liquids.

Up to 200 kg/hour capacity.

Suitable for various types of waste, such as clinical waste and contaminated materials.

Reduction of the waste volume by up to 95%.

Reduction of the solid waste mass by 80% -85%.

Reduction of pollution from landfills and open burning of waste.

Reduction of climate-damaging methane from the decomposition of waste.

Savings in local waste transport and waste export costs.

ZANNI Combustion grate

Retrofittable combustion grate

Our combustion grate system can be a solution for existing plants.

A plant conversion is often possible and is also cheaper than demolition and new construction.

Furthermore, it helps to convert existing plants in an environmentally friendly way. 

Extremely easy to maintain due to easy replacement of the grate.

Optimum flow of combustion air through the waste.

Optimum combustion conditions due to the grate design.

Low maintenance time.

Low downtime costs.

Low wear part cost.

The new design enables an optimum flow of combustion air through the combustion medium.

That means we reach an optimum combustion condition due to the new grate design.

The incineration options range from solid waste to sludgy waste for transportable plants.

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Transportable incinerators brochure

Transportable incinerators data sheet

 Transportable incinerator configuration table

Please note

Transportable / Mobile Incinerators are special designs.
Technical alterations reserved!

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