Dry-washing systems

Dry-scrubbing-solvent system

Dry-scrubbing solvent dosing stationDosing station for a MSI plant

A dry-scrubbing-solvent injection by means of a dosing station is used to remove particles and gases from the exhaust gas streams via dusted air filters. 

These dry scrubbing systems are used to remove corrosive and toxic gases (for example SO2 and HCl) from the exhaust gas. 

They are very effective with low investment and operating costs. 

Many acid gases, such as ammonia and hydrogen chloride are water soluble and react aggressively when moisture is added to the gas. 

Dry gas scrubbers add either no or very little liquid to the exhaust gas they are cleaning. 

This means that they are less prone to corrosion and that they do not require waste water disposal procedures or steam plumes - common scrubber accessories.

The dry gas scrubber simply injects a sorbent that efficiently captures and absorbs acid gases. 

Odorous, corrosive gas by-products can be additionally removed from the exhaust gas by adding activated compounds that treat certain pollutants.  

Once it has absorbed all harmful compounds, it is removed from the filter elements together with excess sorbent by a control device.

Dry scrubbing systems are an important part of gas phase filtration and are therefore best suited for maintaining high environmental standards.