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Power plant and other equipment


We have extensive experience in power plant and energy generation sector...
...Thanks to our engineers, who spent more than 30 years in this field to make things better.

Our activities in this field is not limited to new power plants or their parts but we also do modernizing, retrofitting, refurbishment and upgrading of existing plants.

 Please have a look on our Know-How page and inform yourself about our knowledge.

Systems of our projects
gas systems, such as gas pressure reducing stations,
fuel oil systems such as pumping stations, etc.,
air and flue gas systems, such as ventilators, desulphurization systems,
steam and condensate systems such as steam reducing station, feed water tank and pumps, etc.,
boiler equipment, such as burners, soot blowers, furnace camera, etc.,
water systems, such as water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, etc.,
control and instrumentation of all systems including analyzers,
all kind of valves, isolators and dampers,
other power plant equipment and systems, such as emergency power plant,
compressor station, and others.


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