CO2 emissions clock

The clock is ticking.

An animated clock of the MCC shows how much carbon dioxide humanity is still allowed to emit if it is to achieve the climate goals set in Paris.

According to this, our CO2 budget is still 420 to 1,070 gigatonnes, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently calculated.

But with CO2 emissions of around 42 gigatonnes per year, the CO2 clock is counting down fast - only 25 years remain for the two-degree target, and only 7 years for 1.5 degrees.


Many uncertainty factors remain, such as different definitions of the 1.5°C target as well as different assumptions about the climate sensitivity, the actually attained degree of global warming, and the future development of other greenhouse gases,

for example, the much more climate-damaging Methane.


Furthermore, the calculation assumes that the annual emissions of years to come will be close to those of the year 2017, while latest numbers show that emissions are still on the rise.


We all can do our best for a better future.

We are ready and willing to support you in your projects.

We can eliminate waste and the emissions from rotting waste.

There are no alternatives to environmentally friendly solutions.

Where there is a will, there is a way, says an old german proverb.

Let us begin.