Fire protection concepts

For buildings of a special type and use, for example industrial facilities, sports stadiums and multi-purpose halls, hospitals and public facilities, or in the event of a deviation from the building requirements, the preparation of a fire protection concept is mandatory.

The fire protection concept is always adapted to the individual case, the protection goals of which are derived from the public legal requirements (in accordance with the building regulations, the guidelines, the building supervision and the fire brigade) as well as the ideas of the building owners, operators and insurers.

The fire protection concept should include individual measures from the preventive structural and technical fire protection, the organizational fire protection, i.e. the operational fire protection and the defensive fire protection and is a component of integral project planning for the building planning, regardless of whether it is a new building or a renovation.

The focus of the protection goals is on this

The protection of users and visitors of a building,

the protection of rescue and fire-fighting personnel in the event of fire,

the protection of cultural property,

protection against ecological damage (environmental protection),

protection against damage to the neighbourhood and

the property value and business interruption protection for the building substance and its contents.

Our fire protection concepts will help you make decisions in the event of an emergency.

Together we determine which measures are to be taken with which priority.

Should structural defects become apparent during the planning phase, we also consider appropriate compensation measures, such as the installation of a fire alarm system with appropriate design and similar necessities.

A balanced cost-benefit ratio is always an essential part of our planning and helps you to implement your construction projects.