Unsere Passion ist der Umweltschutz
Our passion is environmental protection


We would be honoured to accompany you and your company on the basis of a holistic approach.

Consultations and coaching can be divided into variable phases, which we would like to briefly introduce to you.

Phase 1 -> Introductions

Rough presentation of the initial situation by the client
Definition of goals and cooperation; tasks, procedure and modalities

Phase 2 -> Reality and orientation

Analysis of the client's ideas (target and perceptual state)
Analysis of the situation (actual state)

Phase 3 -> Clarification

Concept development
Analysis of problem areas
Definition of strengths and weaknesses
Clarification of opportunities and risks
Definition of areas of intervention
Specification of the approach
Briefing and confrontation with reality


Phase 4 -> Reorientation and implementation

Implementation of the goals
Involvement in the company if required
Support, coordination and timing
Training and control

Phase 5 -> Final consultation

Reflection on the process
Introduction of corrective measures

Phase 6 -> Accompanying counselling

Start of a coaching phase
Time-phased assessment of accompanying counselling

Of course, the measures listed here are always adapted to the current situation.
Some areas are dropped, others are added.


Success components

Short-term assignment possible
No loss of time
Selection of expert advisors
Compilation of internal knowledge and external know-how
Accompaniment by coordinators and moderation by an external consultant
Rapid implementation of results
Facilitator accompanies the transition from reacting to acting
Reduction of hierarchies