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United Kingdom

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About the city of London

The City of London is a city and local government district that contains the historic centre and the primary central business district (CBD) of London.

It constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the agglomeration has since grown far beyond the City's borders.

The City is now only a tiny part of the metropolis of London, though it remains a notable part of central London. Administratively, it forms one of the 33 local authority districts of Greater London; however, the City of London is not a London borough, a status reserved for the other 32 districts (including London's only other city, the City of Westminster).

It is also a separate county of England, being an enclave surrounded by Greater London.

It is the smallest county in the United Kingdom.

The City is a major business and financial centre. Throughout the 19th century, the City was the world's primary business centre, and it continues to be a major meeting point for businesses.

London came top in the Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index, published in 2008.

The insurance industry is focused around the eastern side of the City, around Lloyd's building.

A secondary financial district exists outside the City, at Canary Wharf, 2.5 miles (4 km) to the east.