Energy consulting

Consulting, information and analysis

Energy consulting is a service with advisory information and analyses around the broad topic energy (E).

Energy costs have risen continuously in recent years and can only be compensated by suitable energy-saving measures.

Of it are concerned beside the large consumers of the industry, also small and medium-size enterprises, as well as the large number of the private real estates.

To the topics of the energy counselling belong: 

  • e-supply
  • e-utilization
  • e-Saving
  • generation of electricity
  • e-Recovery
  • e-storage
  • e-transport
  • e-conversion
  • e-consumption

Everything under ecological and economic aspects.

We want to bring you closer to actions that serve environmental protection or sustainable management. 

With this growing environmental awareness, we will jointly optimise the energy consumption of your facilities and real estate and reduce your energy costs. 

An important step into a responsible ecological future!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a competent service provider in the field of energy consulting.

This includes among other things: 

  • Energy certificates
  • Planning concepts
  • Redevelopment concepts
  • Thermography of objects
  • e-Proofs and certificates

Please also take note of our advanced competences in planning, construction supervision, cost control and awarding of construction contracts. 

The consultation can therefore be carried out from "one source".