Our mission

We are bidding the latest state of the art in contect with technologies for the protection of the environment.
Examples of this promise are impressive technologies that follow our slogan, a great quote by Albert Einstein.

Combustion Plant Technology

 Our patented combustion grate.
Our patented cooling system.

 Flood protection and water storage system

Our patented JUMBO BLOCK ® System

flood protection and water storage system
and much more.

JUMBO BLOCK ®, the JUMBO BLOCK ® logo is a registered Trade Mark of ZANNI GROUP.

Our focus

Our focus is on the environmentally friendly disposal of waste through incineration, flue gas and air treatment, as well as other industrial applications that require environmentally friendly solutions.

Technologies to protect people and our environment, for example with our civil flood protection and water storage system and other protective technologies.

Customer relationship

We are fixated on our customers need. All our actions, our focus is exclusively on your well-being, your productivity and your business success. 

We do our best to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Our way

We do not fail, because we learn,
we solve problems and we do not hide in front of problems.

Join us

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